Kuyas in the house


The school operates well. That’s because, behind the curtains, we have kuya Otoy and kuya Alex.

Whenever there are big events in school or things to fix around, these two jacks of all trade are indispensable!

They must be the persons less recognized after successful school affairs, but their diligent efforts and dedication to help us wholeheartedly have been unwavering.

Kuya Otoy (Mr. Gil Banhag) has been in the service since the school’s founding year while Kuya Alex (Mr. Alex Saturnino) started his works in CDSMMS in 2010.

CDSMMS is indeed fortunate to have these committed and versatile persons whom everyone in school can surely rely on.


VP Arce gets birthday greetings from faculty

Nine days after his 58th birthday, faculty members mobbed the school office to greet Mr. Antonio SJ. Arce, Jr with a cake today, May 22.

Arce is the vice president for finance and administration of the school.

Another birthday celebrators this May are Mrs. Custodio, Mr. Salazar, and Ms. Pacificar.

Dear New Miguelians

If you are a new kid here in school, this one is exactly for you. We are THE MIGUELIANS, the school’s official campus paper, and we’re super eager to meet you, to welcome you, and to share with you our culture of excellence and friendship!

This corridor leads to the school’s main entrance.

Despite being known as a school with much advance and extra-challenging curriculum, CDSMMS has always desired to make learning immensely enjoyable! Why and how? Read this:

1. Overly sweet classmates and friends – If classrooms were aquariums, they had always been teeming with vivacious, gregarious, clubbable, amazing fishes…name it! We just love the company of new people coming from different schools, different backgrounds, etc.

2. Exciting and worthwhile collaborative learning (CL) experiences – CL is one of our well-loved subjects–but shall not–we promise–appear in your report cards! It is an hour or two of experiential learning that happens once a week. CL helps many Miguelians to unwind and to free their hearts from piles of hectic days while enjoying food preparation, watching educational movies, completing teambuilding activities, and whatnot!

This open field is the usual playground of students for soccer, dodge ball, etc.

3. Companionable teaching peeps – Well, not all teachers are evidently that friendly and congenial, but certainly, we have teachers that are diversely talented and thoroughly proficient in teaching and–guess what?–in cracking “mabentang” jokes! On top of that, they can be more than your friends outside the classrooms.

It sounds overwhelming, for instance, for grade 1 kids to study Botany or Geometry, but one thing is for sure: human brains learn infinitely!

4. Distinct and comprehensive instruction – New students commonly share their first impression of CDSMMS education as insightful and deep. Our subjects are particularly parsed into branches to allow students to sift through the wide array of information these branches offer. It sounds overwhelming, for instance, for grade 1 kids to study Botany or Geometry, but one thing is for sure: human brains learn infinitely! And if you’re looking for subjects to enhance your writing and speaking skills, we have special subjects for those! It’s also worth knowing that our average students who ventured into other schools excelled.

5. Mamu – What? We heard your microscopic brain cells asked that question! If you are a high school student, you must meet Mrs. Flaviana Custodio, a strict but very loving Math teacher we fondly call Maam Yanny or Mamu (Shhh! “Mamu” is only uttered inside the Faculty Room). Ever since the school began its operation in 2003, she has been one of its cornerstones. Witty and vocal, she is also funny and a person in the HS Department from whom you can surely seek very good pieces of advice. Besides her, you have to meet our equally competitive and exceptional Math teachers like Ms V and Sir Andrei.


6. If you’re a basketball player, we’re looking for you! – The school’s calendar of activities is jam-packed with academic affairs; nevertheless, our basketball coach and PE teacher continually find ways to keep sports in school alive. Sporty Miguelians who qualify to be called “Jaguars” undergo training in and out of CDSMMS with basketball players coming from other private schools.

Photo shows the High School building that houses the junior high and senior high students.

It is quite an honor to be called “Miguelians” because you are embracing a community that is inhabited by exceptionally bright and talented kids yet very loving ones!

Free trial classes end today: Casa to offer summer classes anew in 2020

Here’s a short video about the free trial classes held at Casa de San Miguel Montessori School from April to May of this year.

We wish to thank all the parents and kids for their active participation. We fervently hope that this has not only helped your kids cognitively but also has made their summer worthwhile.

For those who are interested to enrol their kids to our school, please prepare the following:


See you next year!

Note: Background music does not belong to CDSMMS. No copyright infringement intended.

JHS Miguelians clinch 2nd in Cyberfest Mobile Legend Tour

Who would have thought that the highly engrossing mobile game these days called Mobile Legend could send five Miguelians on May 4, 2019, to sudden fame at the CYBERFEST ML TOURNAMENT held at SM City Bacoor?

The “legendary gamers” are Rhed Cac, Aaron Grenio, John Loyd Dabu, JV Santillan, and Alvin Grenio.


“[Bandang] 9:00 pm, the assistants were amazed na kami nalang daw po yung bata sa tournament. Pumunta po kami sa SM 11:00 am and umalis ng 10:00 pm, so we’ve been there for 11 hours kasi puro kami panalo,” Alvin Grenio, the youngest gamer in the team, said.

By the end of the gruelling hours of battles in the cyberspace, they were hailed second placer, and they bagged P2,000.

Though mobile games and use of cellphones during classes are prohibited, these students’ victory, after plugging away at their gaming skills, has conveyed the utmost importance of teamwork with and among classmates, and of course, passion for something.

10 Real Exciting Events (and Amazing People) at Casa De San Miguel Montessori

I remember when I first set foot at CDSMMS to work as a language teacher, I saw this finely mounted tarpaulin that greeted arriving people with its vibrant colors displaying one of the school’s mantras: “Learning is Fun at CDSMMS.” It was a short message that made my heart dart with excitement as a new employee.

Surely, many new students and inquiring visitors alike find the slogan something to be really curious about. Some even think that CDSMMS is overly saturated with academic matters, but it’s actually not. The school also finds its way to juggle learning and delight for its students. Find out these real thrilling events that transpire here at CDSMMS every year!

1. WARM WELCOME FOR TRANSFEREES – Typically happening in July, CDSMMS holds an acquaintance party for one exhilarating, yet meaningful, night for new high school students, many of whom come from the 7th grade. This has become a wonderful tradition of merriment for high school students, usually happening from 6pm to 11pm, to formally embrace new students in the community and give them a common moniker, “Miguelians.”

2. OUTDOOR CAMPING ACTIVITIES – Being one of the biggest activities in school, off campus camping in October has always been the most awaited two-day and one-night gathering in any Miguelian’s calendar. Last year, campers pitched their tents on a site in Tagaytay, from which the picturesque Taal Volcano view can be fully relished. More than that (which, for now, I will have to refrain myself from divulging), scouts zealously look forward to this amazing showdown of talents that happen during the “Scout Palabas.”

Members of the CDSMMS Chorale prepare for closing gestures before the live camera. On the right is their coach, Mr. Jonathan Jarin. 

3. CDSMMS CHORALE ON TV – This only happened for the first time on December 22, 2018 when CDSMMS Chorale went to ABS-CBN’s Umagang Kayganda to render Christmas songs—thanks to their choir director, Mr. Jonathan Jarin. Without a doubt, CDSMMS harbors musically inclined students who can artfully make their way onstage for astonishing performances, plus the fact that these members of the chorale had rehearsed for just a few weeks before they sang live on TV.

4. SUPER TALENTED SINGERS AND ACTORS – Anybody must have an idea about this kiddie show, TOPSTAR, aired on Saturdays on GMA 7. Well, our incoming grade 8 student, a very talented singer, Vianna Mae S. Ricafranca, has been regularly appearing on that child-friendly show. She has had numerous engagements in advertisements, local and international competitions, and TV shows that made her one of the precious jewels of our school. Also, CDSMMS is proud of Renzo Theo Matunog whose name is as resounding as his last name! Renzo first captivated us in his incredible show of knowledge in Chemistry on the LITTLE BIG SHOT on ABS-CBN and secondly, in his superb acting skills in GMA 7’s WAGAS episodes.

5. MATH WIZARDS TO REPRESENT THE COUNTRY – We were all jubilant when our grade 8 student, CHARLES ADRIAN TAMIAO, having been rigorously trained by the Mathematics Teachers Guild (MTG), bagged a prestigious award from a Math Olympics held in Hong Kong in 2018.

He was supposed to be joined by two of our equally competitive students, ZACKY BARRION and VINCE LAGARIO in the competition; nevertheless, Miguelians constantly prove their intellectual mettle in academic endeavors, be it in school or outside the country! It is quite notable also that yearly, Miguelians get a 100% passing rate in MTG’s admission test.

6. PASSING THE UPCAT AND TOPPING THE BOARD EXAM – How to pass entrance examinations in universities or colleges is a Herculean task already, but speaking of the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT) is another challenge to muse. Every year, the school has a sure UPCAT passer which only proves of its high standards of education. In 2018, JOHN ROLAND C. GABA successfully passed the UPCAT. This year, HERALD JOHN B. CASTRO also brought us the good news of having that prestige of passing the test coveted by thousands of scholars. More than our passers in other highly reputable universities such as DLSU, Ateneo, and UST, we are very proud of Engineer VINCENT DIMAYACYAC who landed 4th in the Bar Exam.

The recruitment of CDSMMS never failed to hire the best teachers. I’m speaking from my 15 years of experience. Teachers go beyond their call of duty.

7. JUST AMAZING TEACHERS – Our class valedictorian, for SY 2018 – 2019, and now an Isko at UP – Diliman, said in his graduation speech, “The recruitment of CDSMMS never failed to hire the best teachers. I’m speaking from my 15 years of experience. Teachers go beyond their call of duty. They become our good friends, second mothers and fathers, thus, making CDSMMS indeed our second home.” This statement beautifully reflects the kind of teacher-student harmony in our school, and has been the general feedback of many Miguelians about their advisers and subject teachers.

8. DEVOTED CASA (PRE-SCHOOL) TEACHERS – Very young at heart, our pre-school teachers undeniably make one of the biggest, if not the greatest, efforts in nurturing our very young brilliant Miguelians. Headed by Mrs. Rowena Giner, our dependable CASA teachers are Ms. Tabernero, Mrs. Viado, Ms. Kintanar, Mrs. Ibañez, and Mrs. Dizon. Despite performing an arduous job in teaching young minds, these people have proven themselves to have unwavering commitment. Salute!

9. SEVEN STAUNCH SUPPORTERS –Since the inception of CDSMMS in 2003, its pioneering teachers (and now heads!) have been the reasons why the school continues to function with much vigor. They are Mrs. Nimfa Mirandilla, Mrs. Flaviana Custodio, Mrs. Rowena Giner, Ms. Ruby Tabernero, Mrs. Leilannie Azucena, Mrs. Daisy Cabel and Mrs. Vilma Dizon.

10. WHOLEHEARTED STUDENTS OF CHARITY WORKS – December is the ripest season to give, but as early as February and November, the school initiates fund-raising programs to support its advocacy of spreading love and gifts among less fortunate people. Miguelians have never been remiss in grabbing these opportunities to bring joy to them—the orphans, the elders, etc. In February, students gear up for the English month culminating presentations at SM Bacoor, the recent of which took place at Cinema 3. On the other hand, they hold Bazaar activities in November.

So, these are the 10 amazing facts about our school, making “Learning is Fun at CDSMMS” true. It must be noted that there are other highly noteworthy things CDSMMS has, but for now, I have chosen to dwell on the 10. See you in the next article!

By Constantine H. Capco, Language teacher

CDSMMS free trial classes continue on its 2nd week

The school’s two-week free trial classes, Batch 1, for preschoolers, grade 1 and grade 2 pupils commenced on April 22, 2019 and are still ongoing.

With 25 pupils currently listed, the said free classes primarily target to introduce to parents and their children the concept of Montessori learning method compared with the traditional one.

It also aims to allow parents to discover for themselves the suitability of the said student-centered method for their child’s diverse needs.

Notably, parents scout around for schools that offer a progressive type of education and a smaller teacher-student ratio. By general consent, they prefer institutions that can provide their children a form of individualized instruction.

The second batch kicks off on May 6, 2019. Interested parents may reach the school at (046) 417 – 5029, look for Mrs. Rowena Giner (Casa Department Head), or visit the school’s Page, “Casa de San Miguel Montessori School” on Facebook for inquiries.