FEATURE | What if our kids became public servants now?

With so much political matters that inundate social media and TV every now and then, teaching our kids to be concerned with the society at large and how it is and should be governed has become imperative inside the classroom.

That’s what a Social Science teacher of CDSMMS did in her grade 4 and 6 classes, barely a week before school ends for Christmas vacation.

Ms. Arianne Bless Basallo, on her Facebook wall, posted photos of pupils who participated in mock elections. Cladded in their formal attires, these pupils as “public servants” gave their public address before their classmates.

Their speeches highlighted the kind of contributions they pledge to give to the society. Thereafter, votes were cast and the winners who emerged were Eumi Banderado, Amiel Berlon, and Sophie Fernandez.

As of writing, elections for grade 6 pupils have not yet taken place.

Mr. Ezekiel Quijano shares his vision for the country in a mock miting de avance.
Mr. Jin Vasquez talks about his platforms.
Mr. Jan Matthew Bagarino reads from his notes the list of projects he may implement.
Mr. Vince Uy speaks about his priorities if he wins.

Truly, teachers have a significant duty to turn young minds into great leaders of tomorrow by doing some activities like this.

Thank you, teacher Bless!

NEWS | Focus on your soft skills and give importance to your Values Ed subject — Mallari

Simultaneous with the Family Day Celebration, the career orientation for grades 10, 11, and 12 took place on November 23, 2019 in Casa de San Miguel Montessori School (CDSMMS).

This year’s career orientation was graced by three young men and successful alumni of CDSMMS. They were Mr. Joseph J. Mallari, Mr. Darence Daniel G. Deserva, and Mr. Edward Raphael B. Samala.

Admitting that he was once a student who used to be “makulit” and playful, Mallari, now a certified accountant and a senior associate in a company in Malta, emphasized the ever-enduring importance of Values Education.

Moreover, underscoring human “soft skills”, he explained the unquestionable role of socialization and communication in one’s career.

Deserva is currently a presidential staff officer in MalacaƱan. He likewise imparted his invaluable knowledge concerning his field of expertise. He was a UST graduate of Business Administration Major in Marketing Management.

His talk centered on the goodness of acknowledging one’s mistakes and learning from them.

Dr. Samala, a licensed physician, was the last speaker to highlight other important facets of work. In 2018, he was also invited to talk about his work experiences and the struggles he went through in order to succeed.

Banking on hardwork, he explained that one’s success was highly dependent on his or her perseverance or determination to carry on with various life challenges. He also believes that “everyone can become a doctor.”

Career Talk is conducted by CDSMMS to help Miguelians understand the actuality of work once they graduate and are employed.

Teacher Jolina Pauline Geda, Values Education major, spearheaded the said gathering.

OPINION | The Family and the Whole Child: A Peek Through Family Day in CDSMMS

It takes a “family” to build a whole child.

Much of what’s developing among our kids, intrinsically and extrinsically, is attributed to either the presence of a healthy nurturing family or the absence of it. Too dismal it may seem, but due to our bustlingly tight schedules at work and in other engagements, many Filipinos fail to grow a wonderful–if not perfect–family in which our kids could be raised truly happy and well-rounded.

This is where school activities, involving parents, come into action. A lively Family Day is just one of them.

They say it takes a community to raise a child. Espousing such a responsibility is actually recognizing the paramount importance of families. This year’s Family Day in CDMMS was and has always been geared towards renewing and strengthening close ties with each member of our clans by means of wholesome collaborative games. The theme of which centers on the country’s colorful and loud fiestas.

When watched from afar, each obstacle or game seems to be perfunctorily done, but it actually depicts and demonstrates how parents can effectively teach their kids the value of independence and fortitude. Mrs Mary Grace Arce did comment that it was so inspiring to witness mothers and fathers prodding their children to take on one challenge after another challenge. That scenario tells us that once trust and encouragement are fully built within a family, eventually, a whole brave child is born.

Mrs Mary Grace Arce did comment that it was so inspiring to witness mothers and fathers prodding their children to take on one challenge after another challenge.

Teaching a child to stand on his own brings about something phenomenal. Family is where the sturdiest moral foundation of a child and his or her affinity with neighbors must be built. Essentially, Family Day in CDSMMS aims to provide a place for families to imbibe that idea of helping children gain that indomitable confidence by executing and mastering empowering tasks–this time, through fun group games.

Family Day in CDSMMS has never been remiss in making house doors and school doors meet at one point where each one who comes out meets friends and makes bonding time with them. Consequently, this event makes a child in every family in every community a champion–in intellect and in character!

Photos were contributed by Teacher Des-rie Panchito, Teacher Joanna Galano, and Teacher Gilbert Padios.

Family Day is yearly headed by Mrs. Jocelyn Ibanez of the Casa Department

Kuyas in the house


The school operates well. That’s because, behind the curtains, we have kuya Otoy and kuya Alex.

Whenever there are big events in school or things to fix around, these two jacks of all trade are indispensable!

They must be the persons less recognized after successful school affairs, but their diligent efforts and dedication to help us wholeheartedly have been unwavering.

Kuya Otoy (Mr. Gil Banhag) has been in the service since the school’s founding year while Kuya Alex (Mr. Alex Saturnino) started his works in CDSMMS in 2010.

CDSMMS is indeed fortunate to have these committed and versatile persons whom everyone in school can surely rely on.

Dear New Miguelians

If you are a new kid here in school, this one is exactly for you. We are THE MIGUELIANS, the school’s official campus paper, and we’re super eager to meet you, to welcome you, and to share with you our culture of excellence and friendship!

This corridor leads to the school’s main entrance.

Despite being known as a school with much advance and extra-challenging curriculum, CDSMMS has always desired to make learning immensely enjoyable! Why and how? Read this:

1. Overly sweet classmates and friends – If classrooms were aquariums, they had always been teeming with vivacious, gregarious, clubbable, amazing fishes…name it! We just love the company of new people coming from different schools, different backgrounds, etc.

2. Exciting and worthwhile collaborative learning (CL) experiences – CL is one of our well-loved subjects–but shall not–we promise–appear in your report cards! It is an hour or two of experiential learning that happens once a week. CL helps many Miguelians to unwind and to free their hearts from piles of hectic days while enjoying food preparation, watching educational movies, completing teambuilding activities, and whatnot!

This open field is the usual playground of students for soccer, dodge ball, etc.

3. Companionable teaching peeps – Well, not all teachers are evidently that friendly and congenial, but certainly, we have teachers that are diversely talented and thoroughly proficient in teaching and–guess what?–in cracking “mabentang” jokes! On top of that, they can be more than your friends outside the classrooms.

It sounds overwhelming, for instance, for grade 1 kids to study Botany or Geometry, but one thing is for sure: human brains learn infinitely!

4. Distinct and comprehensive instruction – New students commonly share their first impression of CDSMMS education as insightful and deep. Our subjects are particularly parsed into branches to allow students to sift through the wide array of information these branches offer. It sounds overwhelming, for instance, for grade 1 kids to study Botany or Geometry, but one thing is for sure: human brains learn infinitely! And if you’re looking for subjects to enhance your writing and speaking skills, we have special subjects for those! It’s also worth knowing that our average students who ventured into other schools excelled.

5. Mamu – What? We heard your microscopic brain cells asked that question! If you are a high school student, you must meet Mrs. Flaviana Custodio, a strict but very loving Math teacher we fondly call Maam Yanny or Mamu (Shhh! “Mamu” is only uttered inside the Faculty Room). Ever since the school began its operation in 2003, she has been one of its cornerstones. Witty and vocal, she is also funny and a person in the HS Department from whom you can surely seek very good pieces of advice. Besides her, you have to meet our equally competitive and exceptional Math teachers like Ms V and Sir Andrei.


6. If you’re a basketball player, we’re looking for you! – The school’s calendar of activities is jam-packed with academic affairs; nevertheless, our basketball coach and PE teacher continually find ways to keep sports in school alive. Sporty Miguelians who qualify to be called “Jaguars” undergo training in and out of CDSMMS with basketball players coming from other private schools.

Photo shows the High School building that houses the junior high and senior high students.

It is quite an honor to be called “Miguelians” because you are embracing a community that is inhabited by exceptionally bright and talented kids yet very loving ones!

Free trial classes end today: Casa to offer summer classes anew in 2020

Here’s a short video about the free trial classes held at Casa de San Miguel Montessori School from April to May of this year.

We wish to thank all the parents and kids for their active participation. We fervently hope that this has not only helped your kids cognitively but also has made their summer worthwhile.

For those who are interested to enrol their kids to our school, please prepare the following:


See you next year!

Note: Background music does not belong to CDSMMS. No copyright infringement intended.